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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 4, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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working out pretty much as we have been saying. the biggest red is more to the south. and another batch over west virginia that may hold together. as you get an idea over the last hour, dry out a bit. in southern maryland there is still a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 p.m. tonight. but you can see it is moving more to our south. everything in washington will be fine for the fireworks around 9:00 p.m.
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there is a little bit of a threat but for 90% of the area it will be a good evening. >> we are about three hours from the start of a capital fireworks celebration. but for many hours the mall has been packed with people our coverage continues with chris van cleve. >> it is definitely countdown time. people here are excited. a lot of people have gathered already. datz said, there's still a lot of room doubt you're on the mall. you better get here fast if you want to get a good spot. the king family down from new york and new jersey are anxiously awaiting tonight's main event. >> my wife and i got here at
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11:30 a.m. for the parade. >> they have a game of black jack going on wall mom tried to cool off. -- going on while humam tries to cool off. >> -- mom tries to cool off. >> i've and toast. -- i and toast. >> they are making a day of it. >> there are a lot of festivities going on. there are some concerts' and it makes you feel a bit more american to come out on the national mall. it is a nice way to spend the afternoon. >> these folks beat the rush, getting in before security and the hundreds of thousands of others descend on the national mall for what will surely be an epic fireworks display. >> and those fireworks are supposed to step -- start around
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915 or 9:30 p.m. -- 9:15 p.m. or 9:30 p.m. there is a security checkpoint so you will need to go through that. one suggestion, either walk or take public transportation. parking is quite a challenge. the holiday turned tragic for a family near annapolis. a 6-year-old boy drowned at a state park this morning. he was swimming in an unguarded area of the park when he went under. he was found hours later not breathing. he was rushed off to a hospital, but pronounced dead. hundreds of boats are lining the potomac right now for the fourth of july celebration. we're live with information that you need to saysee.
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but i am standing on the flagship of the d.c. fire department's river rescue team. as you can see them all we are not alone. thousands of people have been trekking to the river to get the best spot for the fireworks. for the first responders, it is a busy work day. >> some have been here since yesterday, all trying to get the best view for tonight's fireworks. >> we've got the best seat in the house. >> and the votes come in all shapes and sizes. >> but it is no holiday for first responders. it is all hands on deck for the d.c. fire department. including year, where votersboaters we spoke to say they have been watching the fireworks for years. >> it is something that people should have on a bucket list.
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see the fireworks behind the monument. >> and there are always a few that pushed the limits. within just a few minutes of going out on patrol, our boat responded to several calls including a boat on fire and a tree that had fallen. others have another plan to avoid the crush of boats leaving at the same time. >> we will spend the night. >> most of the calls that police and fire department get from the river are alcohol- related. as tonight goes on come on the question remains about the weather and if
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it is scheduled to get bad out here. >> thanks, mark. is your source for everything 4th of july related. plus a detailed map of road closures. a new traffic control system is facing turbines in congress. the faa. the next jet ground radar program. it is expected to reduce gridlock by helping pilots to navigate and helping air traffic controllers to guide 50 flights per day. congress warns the cost will strain the federal government posey already struggling budget.
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republican candidates did not skip a beat on the campaign trail. jon huntsman and mitt romney were in new hampshire. michelle baachman and newt gingrich shared the spotlight at this fourth of july parade. coming up, kasey anthony's future is now in the hands of the jury. >> dominique strauss-kahn may have a new legal fight. a new woman accusing him of sexual assault and his plan to fight back against the accusation.
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>> dominique strauss-kahn faces a new legal problem tonight. a french novelist said she will file a complaint saying that he attempted to rape her. he denies the allegations and plans to countersue. this comes a few days after he was freed on bail in the u.s.. this comes after his credibility has been publicly questioned. >> according to a new report,
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the typical american worker got one half of 1% pay raise last year but the average ceo got a purees of 23%. still to come, will the storms stairway -- stay away from the fireworks tonight? >> more drama in the courtroom for kasey anthony today. >> plus an american makes history on this holiday. you cannot get any more american
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>> we are monitoring the developments from orlando. jurors have just finished delivering for the day in a murder case against kasey anthony. >> they will resume tomorrow morning. she's charged with 60-first degree murder and six other counts. -- she is charged with first- degree murder and six other counts. >> this was state to a closing
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argument and now it is finally in their hands. the question is, was this an accidental drowning and covered up by family members? or did she kill kailey because she did not fit in by her party -- with her party lifestyle. >> its -- the details of sexual abuse and a family. against each other all of it is coming to an end. today, the jury got the case, but not before some final persuasions. >> she chose to sacrifice her child to live the life she wanted. >> it it was not proven to you that it happened, that is it. it is over. >> that the defense claiming one last time that 2-year-old kailey drowned in the family pool and that the grandfather george anthony, a former cop made it look like a homicide and hid the body in the woods.
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>> they covered the body andin chloroform and duct tape and light that she was with a nanny that did not even exist. -- and they lied that she was with a nanny that did not even exist. >> the little girl was just too much in the way for kasey's schedule, they allege. >> whose life was better? there is your answer. >> kasey anthony bases seven charges, the big one is first degree murder. if convicted she could get the death penalty. the statue of america's 40th president is now standing in london. organizers revealed a 10-4 tall
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statue of former -- a 10 foot tall statue of former president reagan. it joins images of former president roosevelt and dwight eisenhower. hour days going to be fine. our high temperature is 91 degrees. that is above average. we have been into the 90's already for a time.
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temperatures right now into the 80's. downin new orleans and houston the terrible drought has continued. with the heat index, well above a hundred. i know folks in north arlington that are maybe still getting things straight. there was that straight line damage even on into the gw parkway. 60 70 miles per hour winds.
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there are the showers and thundershowers that will be remaining to the south. temperatures tomorrow will be in to below 90's. and the showers will be on radar. by and large, almost all of the festivities will be fine. once you get into wednesday and thursday, temperatures will be in the 90's. temperatures in the high 80 cozy to about 90 degrees. no nasty storms like last evening, that is for sure.
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it -- a good day to wear red and blue. general manager mike rizzo said harper will spend the rest of the season there. for the cubs, that's makes things even sweeter. at the top of the fourth, the nats up 2-1. nobody knows who is going to get it. bernadina lets it drop. bird has also around third. -- hostels around third.
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at 7-10, a wild pitch. >> we gave them two runs back to back. that should never happen. we bounced back and we won the ballgame. >> the all-star teams have been selected. michael morris is on the final vote but people are talking. mceachern has the high road.
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mark teixeira is just second in the majors. because of this nabih he is not doing the home-run derby. -- the snub he is not doing a home-run derby. abby wambach and fellow forward any rodriguez have yet to score, but it is a complete team run so far. the u.s. is 3-0 in sweden in the world cup. but as the players have said, things have changed. >> for us to play well, we have trapped pressure on the ball from the mid well -- midfield all the way to the fall line.
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that has not led -- that has not gone that well in the last couple of games. >> defense will win the game. tyler farrar became the first american to win the port of france stage on july 4. his norwegian teammate kept the yellow jersey. it was his july 1 fourth victory. and with a day in baseball be like without derek jeter? he's back in a line of going through -- going for his 3000 pitch. >> we will be right back
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gefifios. a network ahead. >> a nice evening to the 42. >> any good news no weather to look forward to. maybe a few sprinkles for you folks south of the city. the other area in south of winchester. around the mall, is fine there. anything that really gets going will be well to the south of washington. partly cloudy.
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